Government Infrastructure Tendering

Ewen has been a strong advocate for revisiting the government tender process, to ensure that more local contractors get a share of federal funds when projects go ahead in the city.

Ewen has been meeting with Ministers to find ways in which the tender process can be altered to get the north Queensland community, especially Townsville, a better result from Government infrastructure spending. Ewen believes that when it comes to government infrastructure, having a new road or bridge is not enough for a city like Townsville. Townsville also needs the jobs, the training opportunities for our apprentices and the profit from the work to remain in the city. This happens elsewhere in the country and Townsville should be no different. Ewen has launched his Tenders for Townsville campaign which involves engaging with the local business community about improvements they'd like to see made, so local firms get a better opportunity when it comes to tendering for government infrastructure projects - from all levels of government.

Have you had a negative experience tendering for Government projects in Townsville? Do you have any suggestions on how this process could be improved? Email Ewen your thoughts at