Local Jobs

Local jobs are a key priority for Ewen, especially as the North Queensland region faces tough economic times. The downturn in the mining industry has presented some real challenges for the local job market.

Following the 2013 Election there has been more than $500 million worth of federal government spending in and around Townsville. Ewen has been a strong advocate for revisiting the government tender process, to ensure that more local contractors get a share of federal funds when projects go ahead in the city. Ewen is fighting to establish a model where the tax payer still gets value for money, but the local economy feels the benefit of the federal government money washing all the way through the economy. He is adamant change needs to occur for local business confidence to grow and local jobs to flourish, but it will require all three levels of government to work together. To find out more information about Ewen's fight to improve the government tender process, please click here.

Ewen is an active supporter of the Abbot Point Coal Port expansion and mining development in the Galilee basin. Both of these projects will inject confidence, stability and longevity into the Townsville and North Queensland economy, from the Port of Townsville out to the regions.