Internationalising Townsville

Establishing Townsville as an international city of great regional important has been a vision of Ewen’s from before he was elected as the Federal Member for Herbert.

Townsville can be an international city not just for the export of high quality goods and services, but as an educational, cultural and commercial hub too.

Ewen is proud to have led the push to reinstate international services at Townsville Airport in early 2015, helping the Federal Government find a cost effective customs and security solution, ensuring international services in Townsville can be viable and successful. Establishing these services is an important step in Townsville becoming an ‘international city’.

The first direct service to Bali is just the start of growing the region’s tourism and trade links with the Asian market. Furthering these international links is where jobs will be found and the future of the city lies.

With the third largest port in Queensland, Townsville is perfectly positioned to take advantage of growing Asian demand for Australian goods and services. That is why the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Japan and China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership will create jobs and drive growth in our region.

By providing opportunities to increase our exports, these agreements will create new economic opportunities for Australian businesses.

Townsville is well positioned to take full advantage of this.

To find out more about Australia’s Free Trade Agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, visit