Ewen and the Coalition went to the 2013 Election with a promise to deliver modern infrastructure and build the roads of the 21st Century. In Townsville this is already well under way.

The final stage of the Townsville Ring Road, flood proofing of Dalrymple Road over the Bohle River and upgrades on multiple sections of the Bruce Highway have all gone ahead following the 2013 election. Townsville is a modern, vibrant and diverse city, with potential to grow even further. To meet these demands, Ewen will continue to fight for better infrastructure in the city.

Accelerated Works Program

A number of infrastructure projects have been brought forward by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to generate further jobs in north Queensland. Ewen has been vocal in his calls to ensure the work is undertaken by local contractors.

The Accelerated Works Program equates to projects worth $77.6 million. Some of these are entirely funded by the Federal Government, others are funded through the 80:20 funding agreement with the State, whereby the Federal Government funds 80% of the project, the State Government, the remaining 20%.

Accelerated Works Program projects below:

1. Northern Access Intersection interim safety works 
2. Bannisters Bog to Didgeridoo Lagoon—new southbound overtaking lane
3. West Barratta to Jerona Road—overtaking lanes north and southbound
4. Scovazzis Road to Como Road—overtaking lanes
5. Rollingstone Weighpad to Hencamp Creek—overtaking lane
6. Alligator Creek Road to Allendale Drive—overtaking lane
7. Veales Road to Pope Road
8. Arnot Creek bridge upgrade
9. Masters Road–Larsens Road widening
10. Townsville Port Road—road train decoupling pad
11. Vines Creek bridges replacement