Crime is of great concern to the Townsville community and Ewen has been fighting for enhanced facilities to prevent and address crime in the city for some time.

The Federal Government has a number of programmes which aim to curb crime and make people feel safer in their community.

One of Ewen’s key 2013 Election commitments was to improve public safety around Riverway and the banks of the Ross River. The Federal Government has now funded $1.3 million towards the Riverway Drive pathway lighting and CCTV project. The project has provided LED lighting and CCTV cameras along 2.4 kilometres of pathway from Riverway. Ewen believes delivering lighting and CCTV to an area which is used so frequently by locals is an important step in improving public safety and helping to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. Ewen is aware local residents would like to see this project extended further down the pathway and is already fighting to see this project extended.